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Asteroid bigger than the Empire State Building going to pass by Earth

'Asteroid' seem magical, but they are deadly too. Asteroids are the extra-celestial objects which roam in the space. They sometimes crash on the planets, as they get pulled by the gravitational force. The same...
Is it actually a super-Earth found by NASA

Is it actually a super-Earth found by NASA? Or an another exoplanet!

The first illustration of NASA's satellite over this newly discovered super-Earth seems to be dicy. Scientists from NASA revealed that they have discovered an exoplanet named GJ 357 d Which seems to be the...
India, exoplanet

India discovered a new planet in which a year last for 19.5 days

In a discovery, scientists from India have discovered a sub-Saturn exoplanet which orbits around the Sun-like star, and it is around 600 light years away. The newly discovered exoplanet has been named as EPIC...
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New Exoplanet discovered in our Solar System

In discovery, the team of researchers has identified the “fingerprints” of about multiple metals which are present in one of the least dense exoplanets. The group of researchers comprised from the University of Cambridge...

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