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Black Hole, Universe

Mysterious black hole found by NASA: Must Read

Blackhole is still a mystery to people. All we know about Blackhole is that it attracts an object towards it due to the gravitational pull. Blackhole was just a myth until a scientist named...
Black Hole, Black Hole Collision

International research team detects biggest ever known black hole collision: Must Read

In a remarkable discovery, a team of researchers has detected the biggest known black hole collision via the ripples, known as gravitational waves; it formed in space-time. Though the existence of the gravitational waves...
Ghost particle, black hole

The origin of ghost particles can be traced back to distant black holes

The results of a detailed study by Science magazine mark the first source of such particles. For the first time in history, scientists have discovered a source of high-energy ghost particles called neutrinos, which have...
black hole,

Supermassive black hole ripping a star, Spotted by Astronomers

In a recent discovery, astronomers had observed the formation and also the expansion of the fast-moving jet of material which was ejected when the supermassive black hole was ripped apart, and it has ripped...
Black hole, Astronomer

Astronomers find a fastest growing blackhole, eating stars shockingly fast

In a shocking discovery, scientists have discovered a fastest-growing black hole in the universe. This black hole is described as a monster by the scientists, and it eats about a mass of stars which...

Telescope has taken the first-ever photo of Milky Way Black Hole

In a new stunning discovery, the astronomers have able to click the image of the black hole. The Event Horizon Telescope has just released the image which was taken by them from the previous...

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