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Asteroid bigger than the Empire State Building going to pass by Earth

'Asteroid' seem magical, but they are deadly too. Asteroids are the extra-celestial objects which roam in the space. They sometimes crash on the planets, as they get pulled by the gravitational force. The same...
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NASA explorer arrives at asteroid which may collide with Earth

On Monday, OSIRIS-Rex, a deep-space probe of NASA flew around 12 miles away from its mission, a large-sized rocky asteroid that has the potential to slam into Earth and kill us in around 150...
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Scientists say that many asteroids can be remnants of the five destroyed world

Initially, the solar system was slightly more than clouds of dust and gas. Then the cold temperature created the sun to fall at the center of the cloud. Newborn stars are burned with nuclear...
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Small group asteroid 2018 LA spotted over Africa

Scientists have detected the asteroid or space rock named as 2018 LA early Saturday evening over Botswana, Africa. The asteroid was spotted just before entering Earth’s atmosphere. It was looking like a giant fireball....
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Asteroid whose size is twice as that of cricket field flew past Earth

An asteroid which is bigger than the size of the cricket field has just flown past Earth from a safe distance. The report suggests that the asteroid named as 2010 WC9 had made the...
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An exiled asteroid discovered in the Kuiper belt

Scientists have spotted an asteroid floating in the outer regions of the solar system beyond Neptune. This is the first of its kind. It is known as the 2004 EW95 asteroid. The ESO (European...

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