black hole,

In a recent discovery, astronomers had observed the formation and also the expansion of the fast-moving jet of material which was ejected when the supermassive black hole was ripped apart, and it has ripped a star which was present too close to it.

A team of international scientists has successfully captured the first ever images which are produced by the supermassive black hole which acts as a devouring a star. It was located at the core of one of the merging galaxies, and the black hole is said to be about 20 million times massive in size than that of Sun.

This devouring of the star by a massive black hole is called as a tidal disruption event or TDE. When scientists studied this thing, they help the scientists to know about the environment in which the galaxies are formed, and they have been evolved since billions of years ago. The astronomers first observed it in the year 2005, and the event was happening in the galaxy ARP 299B, and it was almost million of light years away.

The team of scientists has tracked the event with the help of radio, and infrared telescopes and this telescope include National Science Foundation’s Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA), and it is present in galaxies called Arp 299, and it is about 150 million light-years from Earth. When they have detected a bright light of infrared emissions, they started to monitor these emissions by using the William Herschel Telescope which was located in the Canary Islands. As there are many supernova explosions seen in the galaxy, researchers have first thought that they are looking at the same phenomena again.

When these radio emissions are appeared to be elongated in the year 2011, they have released that the expanding phenomenon is said to be a jet and the observations that they have done shows that the material travels at about one-quarter of the speed of light and it was expanding at a single location. Scientists come to known about this due to the years-long patient and data collection for the evidence of the jet.

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