Stunned by drastic climate change? Here are a few things you can do
Image Source: Smithsonian Magazine

The challenge of dealing with drastic climate breakdown now needs fast, far-reaching as well as unprecedented changes among all aspects of the society, as per a new IPCC report. Even though the challenges are big, we still have time to develop a sustainable and thriving future, say the experts. The main concentration is dependent on decisions facing the governments across the globe, but the IPCC is also acknowledging the role individuals can play. Below mentioned are certain things which people around the world can do to avoid climate breakdown:


  • Take collective action:


Even though individual actions are significant, the experts suggest that people must unite if the climate breakdown challenge is to be dealt with. People can come together and become a part of existing groups or form a movement which can help make changes that are big enough to matter.


  • Consume less meat- specifically beef:


As per a study published at the beginning of this year, it is best to avoid meat as well as dairy products to lessen your environmental impact on planet Earth.


  • Insulate your home:


You can take simple measures such as installing proofing doors, windows and insulating lofts to drop down on energy consumption.


  • Installing solar panels:


Whenever possible, it is best to use renewable energy. As such, one of the most efficient ways to save energy is by installing solar panels.


  • Transport:


Cycle or walk wherever possible or else use public transport if it’s available as well as affordable. Consider using an electric vehicle if you have an option.


  • Recycle and reuse:


It is best to buy less number of things to consume less. Whenever possible, recycle and reuse things. Hence, consider the ways mentioned above to avoid catastrophic climate breakdown and create a sustainable future for the generations to come.

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