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The cosmic phenomenon is a visual treat for stargazers and an evening in the backyard lying down on a blanket and gazing at the beauty of the night sky would turn into a special one on January 21. Yes, there is going to be a Super Blood Wolf Moon to begin your new year with a surprise. The super blood moon eclipse would be the center for attention across many parts of North and South America as well as Africa and Eastern Europe on January 20 to January 21.

During the eclipse, the Sun, the Moon and the Earth would be aligned in a straight line for a short period. This eclipse could be indicative of many significant events on earth which is the basis for many religions considering eclipses as bad omens. The US Geological Survey (USGS) has stated that earthquakes are more likely to happen during high tides which are common phenomenon during eclipses. The USGS has also pointed out towards the possible relation between the lunar cycle and the eruption in Hawaiian volcanoes.

It has also been noted that the full moon would be at its highest proximity to earth in its orbit. This would result in a supermoon making the moon appear brighter and bigger when viewed from Earth. The moon would also cast a reddish-orange appearance, and according to the predictions of NASA, the event would last for almost one hour starting from 12:12 am+1 EST. Furthermore, it has also been predicted that stargazers could have the complete experience of the Super Blood Wolf moon from the start to end lasting for over three hours.

Another total lunar eclipse has been predicted for May 26, 2021, which would be visible across various parts of North and South America as well as some parts of East Asia. The other notable events that are predicted for the year 2019 are the partial lunar eclipse on July 16 to July 17 and the Mercury Transit in which the planet would be visible traversing its orbit in front of the Sun’s surface on November 11.   

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