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As we have seen in the earlier episode of Naagin 3 we see that the Bela is finding some proof against Sumitra. Andy wakes up and Bela hides and Vish thinks why she is here as Vikrant is her husband and why he is making her to do so. Mahir asks to whom you are calling. Vish becomes scared and then Mahir asks Vish to sleep in his room. Bela finds a file and thinks what is this. Bela sees the papers that all the property are in the name of Mahir. She reads out that if Mahir will get mentally disabled then Sumitra will be the shareholder of everything. Sumitra comes there and tells she has done everything.

In Naagin 3, 05th January 2019 written episode, Sumitra says that she will make Bela out of this house. Sumitra says that I do not like you. Bela says I will take out Mahir out of your trap. Bela sees Vishakha and asks what are you doing. Bela takes her downstairs. Bela asks what are you hiding and asks why you are doing this and what has Sumitra asked you do. Vishakha says that I do not want to talk to you and Bela says Sumitra is not coming in between us. Vishakha says that I want Mahir and I do not want Vikrant. Bela is confused that what she should do.

We will see that new twists will come up and we will see that real Sumitra has been killed and Mahir will be seen in his original avatar. Maybe he is naagraj or the avatar of Shiva. We will get to know that Mahir is not the real son of Andy and he picked up Mahir from the stairs of Shiv Temple. The Naagin 3 TV Serial is getting interesting day by day, we will keep you updated with all the latest news.


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