Splitsvilla 11 Episode 18, 2 December 2018
Image Source: Wiki Tricky

Splitsvilla 11 has completed its seventeen episodes of this season and all set to launch its eighteenth episode tonight. Tonight’s episode of the dating reality TV show will be very interesting as the contestants will get a new challenge to prove their bonding and connection.

In the last episode of Splitsvilla season 11, the bond between Shruti Sinha and Rohan Hingorani is not the same anymore. So, she chose Gaurav Sharma over Rohan for the yoga based task in episode 17. Gaurav, Shruti, Maera Mishra and Fahad Ali won the yoga task after which Gaurav and Shruti got safe from the danger zone because of their awesome performance in task. But Rohan is now in danger zone and he is still Shruti’s partner somehwere in the show.

In MTV Splitsvilla 11 Episode 18, 2 December 2018, the contestants will get a new task to prove themselves. It will be another test-tube task. You will get to see a fight between Gaurav and Kabeer Bhartiya.But before starting the task, Anushka Mitra and Shruti Sinha get into an ugly fight, it was started from a normal cat fight but soon it gets intense and turns into an intense physical fight. Yes, you read it right. The show called BFFs Shruti and Anushka will fight with each other over Gaurav Sharma once again. The two girls even get physical during their fight.

So, the tonight’s episode of the dating reality TV show features an ulgy and intense fight between so called best-friends Anushka and Shruti. Anushka thinks Shruti does not take any stand for herself and when she takes stand for Shruti, Shuti gets upset with her.  What you think Splitsvilla fans? Should Shruti continue to keep up with Anushka after this ugly fight? Should Shruti choose another contestant over Anushka in the game? You can shared your views with us in the comment section below. Stay tuned with for latest updates of your favourite show and written episode.


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