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On Saturday, Space X has scheduled a long-delayed US military navigation satellite. The launch is now scheduled for tomorrow, and if this launch becomes successful, then it will be SpaceX company first national security space mission for the United States. In this mission, it is said that a Falcon 9 rocket will be carrying about $500 million GPS satellite.

Lockheed Martin Corp. built this satellite. It was now due to blast off from Florida’s Cape Canaveral. The launch may take place around 9 AM, as per the SpaceX Company. This will be the fourth attempt in this week by the company. Earlier the launch was delayed due to the technical and bad weather conditions.

If tomorrow, the launch becomes successful then it will be a huge victory for SpaceX. This is because the company has spent many years to get to the market for the military space launches which were earlier dominated by Lockheed and Boeing Co. Earlier in the year 2014, SpaceX has sued US Air Force which is in protest over the military award of a multibillion-dollar project.

This project was consist of about 36 rocket launches which was awarded to United Launch Alliance. This comes in partnership with Boeing and Lockheed. The company agreed to drop the lawsuit in the year 2015 after Air Force opened the completion for this. SpaceX will do the upcoming launch of GPS III satellite.

This satellite will be having a lifespan of about 15 years.  This launch is said to be first from 32 satellites which are produced by Lockheed under the contracts which worth about $12.6 billion. This contract is for Air Force GPS III programme, as said by the spokesman of Lockheed, Chip Eschenfelder. The next GPS III satellite will be blasting off during mid-2019.

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