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SpaceX has said in a statement that it has completed its fifty launches of the recent Falcon 9 spaceship. The space agency has proved their worth with these launches, and they have proved another theory in which they are trying to work much faster in comparison with the other space agencies like NASA.

SpaceX has implied many out of box techniques to perform the work faster. These type of techniques have given access to the success rather than damaging the rocket. The most popular technique of the SpaceX is to store the supplementary fuel in the spaceships which are for larger launches, and it is termed as a reasonable operation by NASA.


In a recent statement, NASA has said that it has delayed the launch proposal for their astronauts to the International Space Station or ISS with the help of the SpaceX’s Falcon 9 spaceship. The advisory group of the NASA said in a Kennedy Space Center meeting, “The “load-and-go” rocket fueling technique of SpaceX would be completely safe even with the astronauts aboard. “

The technique load-and-go is done by forcing the freezing propellant to shrink down to make the space for the stuffing which is present inside the supplementary propellant. When the propellant is frozen, it will be loaded immediately before the launch with cargo and astronauts present in it. The only risk in this process is, it can explode the rocket with just a single flaw with everything inside it.

The experts of the space agency said by pointing out that SpaceX has done many successful launches, but also it has exploded one rocket in the year 2016. This explosion of the rocket had occurred when SpaceX was trying by loading the frozen propellant as a part of the implementation technique of load and go. In this explosion, no life was lost as the spaceship was unmanned. Till now, SpaceX has not launched any rocket with astronomers inside them, and that is the reason why NASA has delayed this mission.

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