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In a recent development, SpaceX has announced that the mission which was announced earlier in February 2017 which involves two private citizens who will be travelling to the moon by the end of this year. The two individuals have already paid a huge amount for the trip, but it was now delayed to next year, as reported by Wall Street Journal.

SpaceX has said in a statement that it will be sending the tourist around the moon by the end of the year but now it the company has said that it has been postponed to next year. As per the report of the Wall Street Journal, it mentioned that the timetable for the flight is now postponed until the mid-2019. The main reason behind the postpone was not known, but it seems that it might have happened for some technical and production challenges which are disrupting the plans of the Elon Musk’s human exploration of the solar system.

The report shows that the company is now confronting the industry doubts which is about the market demand for the Falcon Heavy rocket. The tourist will be riding aboard the Dragon Capsule and has hoisted into space with the help of the SpaceX’s powerful rocket till date and this rocket has done its first flight just four months back.

This delayed trip which was first announced in 2017 was scheduled for 2018 flight, but now it has been delayed until next year. When this trip happens then, it will be the farthest trips by humans in the space. SpaceX also planned to send the astronauts to the ISS, and the mission was scheduled for the end of 2018. The target of the SpaceX is to send the astronauts to ISS in December 2018.



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