Space X, Elon musk

In a recent development, it will be a huge moment for Elon Musk vision, which towers SpaceX launch control center and a 133, 000 square foot hangar and a rocket garden rising in the heart of the Kennedy Space Center.

As per the plans, the detailed plans about the draft environmental review which was published recently by KSC and SpaceX will undertake the major expansion due to the facilities which are available at the space center sometime in the future. The review system of SpaceX is seeking a big room, and bigger presence is in its pursuit of the complete local, reusable and efficient launch of the vehicle program.

This type of expansion will help SpaceX to store and refurbish the large numbers of Falcon rocket boosters and cones of the nose at the operations center down the road from NASA’s Vehicle Assembly building.

According to James Gleeson, who is the SpaceX spokesman said that the launch of SpaceX is cadence and manifest for the missions from Florida and it continues to grow. We seek to expand the capabilities and streamline operations to launch then land and then re-fly our Falcon family of rockets.

KSC said that the proposed facilities are consistent and it is with a mission to be the multi-user spaceport, and it is after the shuttle program’s retirement during the year 2011 and to support the NASA goal of encouraging activities by the private sector to strengthen and expand the US space transportation infrastructure.

SpaceX Operations Area Facilities will be located on 67 acres of agricultural land which is west of State Road 3 on Roberts Road and A Avenue, and it is between the VAB and KSC’s Industrial Area to the south. The employees of the SpacePort who travels to and from the Launch Complex 39 area will be driving to the site daily.  The KSC’s draft environment review can comment over the next month and have found no negative impacts from the project.



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