The Ariane group which is a France-based company which is the primary contractor for the Ariane 5 launch vehicle and the company also started to develop the Ariane 6 rocket. The firm has recorded, and NASA had chosen the Ariane 5 booster to fly the multi-billion dollar James Webb Space Telescope.

The US-based United Launch Alliance faces the heat of the price like Russia from the SpaceX Company. SpaceX offers the launch prices with as low as $62 million for the Falcon 9 rocket. Ariane Group has built the Ariane 6 rocket to compare with Falcon 9 booster. Despite this development, the efforts of the company to cut the costs of the two variants of the Ariane 6 will still cost at least 25 percent more than the SpaceX’s present prices. Ariane 6 will not fly until the year 2020. By that time Falcon 9 will be offering Falcon 9 boosters at a low price.

SpaceX, Ariane chief

According to the Chameau’s central argument, it said, “SpaceX is charging the US government 100 million dollars per launch, but launches for European customers are much cheaper. Essentially, he says, launches for the US military and NASA are subsidizing SpaceX’s commercial launch business.”

The pay for service prices that SpaceX has offered to US Department of Defense for Spy satellites and cargo and crew launches for NASA. In an interview, Charmeauraised the issue against the possibility of lowering the cost of launch. According to the Charmeau, he said, “Let us say we had ten guaranteed launches per year in Europe and we had a rocket which we can use ten times, we would build exactly one rocket per year. That makes no sense. I cannot tell my teams: ‘Goodbye, see you next year.”

Europe now has to take a difficult decision to give the order to whom, whether it is Elon Musk and SpaceX or Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin.


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