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Sonam Kapoor’s new movie named Zoya Factor doesn’t get a good response in the theatre like another movie. The movie didn’t even collect the expected amount from theatres and in the end, the total box office collection of The Zoya Factor shows nothing. Like another movie such as Dream Girl, Chhichhore, Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas, Sonam Kapoor’s movie doesn’t show some good response and just kept her out of the pocket. The movie didn’t get better reviews and immensely standing on the lowest position in the box office collection.

The movie is called a boring one with the poor acting cast and direction. The movie is directed by Abhishek Sharma and was a low average film. as the movie got some mixed and confusing reviews from the critics and viewers it also got some poor box office collection. The movie Zoya Factor all day box office collection is here, check it now.

The Zoya Factor 1st Day Box Office collection: The movie didn’t get a good response on the release date, therefore, they collected 85 lakhs on the first day of release.

The Zoya Factor 2nd Day Box Office Collection: Even after the release it was expected to get a good result in the box office collection in the weekend but still movie The Zoya Factor showed some negative response and collected 85 lakh in the box office Collection

The Zoya Factor 3rd Day (Sunday) Box Office Collection: According to another movie box office collection they collect a good amount in the box office but The Zoya Factor fails with the same. The movie collection 80 lakhs in the box office collection of The Zoya Factor on Sunday which is low then released day and Saturday.

The Zoya Factor 1st weekend Total Box Office Collection: After the 1st weekend including the release day- Friday and 1st Saturday and 1st Sunday the movie collected a total collection of 2.50 crores approx which was unexpected.

The Zoya Factor 4th Day Box Office Collection: Even after a bad response on weekend, the movie The Zoya Factor again rise for the next week and collected 15 lakhs which results in the Total box office collected as 2.65-70 crores approx. 

The Zoya Factor 5th Day Box Office Collection: The movie is getting a bad and negative response as per the increasing days. On Tuesday movie again made it worst and collected 10 lakhs which results in the total box office collection of The Zoya Factor to 2.80 crores approx.

The Zoya Factor 6th Day Box Office Collection: As the movie got a mixed response from the people it also got money wasted statement from the viewers and even on Wednesday they didn’t make it and collected 8 Lakhs which is not appreciable for the movie. After Wednesday the total box office collection of The Zoya Factor results in 2.88 Crores Approx.

The Zoya Factor 7th Day Box Office Collection: Sonam Kapoor’s The Zoya factor found to be unresponsive by the people and its box office collection is still out therefore on 7th day it might collect 10 lakh which will result in the total box office collection as 2.98 Crores approx.

The movie didn’t get much response as expected. The box office collection of The Zoya Factor still kept empty with just 3 crores on the mark, therefore, let us except the movie to be rolled out of theatres and soon join another online streaming applications.


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