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The solar eclipse or the solar eclipse which is falling on July 13, 2018, will be a good opportunity for people to see the divine phenomenon, because the sun, the moon, and the earth will partly be aligned with each other. It will be a blood moon 2018 which is known as the longest solar eclipse of the century. Solar Eclipse 2018 which is due to be held on July 13 will be visible in Western Australia and other neighboring islands. Solar eclipse will be partially visible in India, and people of India can see eclipse via a live web stream of NASA.
Solar eclipse comes with three steps- First of all, the moon blocks the Sun and then the maximum range of eclipse occur. Later, the full moon goes away from the sun. Solar eclipse will be in India at 1:30 in July.

What should not be done during solar eclipse:
E solar eclipse creates a lot of negativity around you, so it is very important to soak basil leaves in water, milk and yogurt vessels. At the time of eclipse, no work related to the kitchen should be done; especially the food should not be cooked. Pregnant women should take special care during this period. They should not do any kind of work.
Do not put thread in needle.

You can chop some vegetables and fruits but nothing can peel.
Should be worshiped and the chants of the sun should be heard in loud voice. One of the important chants of Lord Sun is as follows: ‘Oh Gharini: Sura Namah’. By chanting this mantra, there will be no negativity around you.
When the eclipse begins, take a little cloth and an old cloth, and when the eclipse ends, donate a worker with respect to that cloth and grain. This will give you auspicious results.

What to do during Solar Eclipse:
Always use solar glasses to see the solar eclipse. Do not see the eclipse with the naked eyes.
Use of homemade pinhole camera is the best way to watch an eclipse.
During the partial eclipse, do not view Sun directly with naked eyes.

What is a Solar eclipse?
On July 13, 2018, a solar eclipse or a solar eclipse, partial solar eclipse occurs 5 months after it first appeared in February. In the solar eclipse, the moon comes between the sun and the earth, and when the moon blocks the sun completely or partially.
Solar Eclipse 2018 which is due to be held on July 13 will be visible in Western Australia and other neighboring islands. However, solar eclipse will be partially visible in India, which is further called the partial social eclipse or the extracellular solar eclipse. People in India can see eclipse via NASA’s live web stream.

Solar Eclipse 2018: Time in India
In India, partial eclipse will start on July 13 at 07:18 and the last place to see partial eclipse will be at 08:13.
Solar Eclipse 2018: Zodiac which can be affected and prevent
Solar eclipse will have minimal impact in India as it will be partially visible. However, astronomical phenomena can affect some zodiac signs, including cancer, mithun and Leo. To help prevent side effects, during the time of eclipse, Shiv Chalisa should be read, the needy should donate food and basil leaves should be eaten.
Scientific and astronomers recommend that seeing a solar eclipse through the naked eye is dangerous and it can also damage the sight. To see the eclipse, you can use the protection of eyes like sunglasses, X-ray films or special eclipse glasses.


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