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Scientists have detected the asteroid or space rock named as 2018 LA early Saturday evening over Botswana, Africa. The asteroid was spotted just before entering Earth’s atmosphere. It was looking like a giant fireball. The time when it entered into Earth’s atmosphere over Africa was around 1 PM.  

It has been many years, scientists at NASA have been working to track down Near-Earth Objects (NEOs). As per the report, till now, NASA has discovered 90 percent of NEOs and all are more than 150 meters, around 460 feet in diameter. It clearly states that scientists have missed the smaller ones as they are only can be detected when they come closer. The smaller asteroids manage to move into the Earth’s atmosphere, and later they spotted fireball lighting the sky.  The Catalina Sky Survey first spotted the 2018 LA asteroid in Arizona on 2nd June. When it was first spotted, the 2018 LA was at a distance from the Earth similar to the moon.

At first, NASA’s scientists thought that the asteroid would collide with the Earth and they also predicted some location of impact on the Earth. However, now it safely passed over Botswana. As per the information, the 2018 LA was travelling at 38,000MPH in the atmosphere. The space rock entered at around 6:44 PM Botswana time.

Sometimes such smaller space rocks can develop serious issues, for example, the issues happened in Russia just a few years back due to the Chelyabinsk meteor. However, it has also been seen that they hit in the ocean. Scientists have classified the bigger asteroid as potentially hazardous asteroids. But small asteroids like 2018 LA normally occur without any prior notice.

As per the data are given by the astronomer of Catalina Sky Survey in Arizona, the 2018 LA was around 6ft in size. Before the event, NASA was sent an alert to the Planetary Defense Coordination Office, situated in Washington.


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