Dinosaur skeleton, Fossil

In a new development, a 30-foot long dinosaur skeleton has sold for more than $2.3 million at an auction at the Eiffel Tower in Paris on Monday.  An anonymous bidder is now the new owner of this huge dinosaur skeleton and scientists are not happy about it. The bidder has bought this skeleton by paying a hefty amount, as reported by AFP.

The dinosaur is said to be about 30 feet long and about 9 feet high. This creature has roamed in the region which is now named as Wyoming, and the bones of the animals are found in the year 2013. As per the paleontologists, its closest appearance to a dinosaur was known to be of Allosaurus, and this shows that it a different species.

The French auction house named as Aguttes has gone with the auction despite a letter to it from the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology asking I to be canceled and the group claimed that this skeleton should be in public trust and not in any hands of any private owner so that the study of that can be done properly. It also objected the move of the auction house that new buyer can name the specimen. As per the Reuters, auctioneer Claude Aguttessaid that new owner who has owned the bidding process has pledged to lend it to the museum and will make it available to scientists.

The auction house has legally sold this skeleton who has chosen to remain anonymous, and the buyer is the French, and he has told me before the sale that if he gets this skeleton, then it would be presented to the Public. A post from Nature notes that there is an increase in popularity of such sales which keeps the raising prices and put the specimens out of reach from public institutions and museums.



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