Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka Written Updates 31st January 2019: It's Kunal-Mauli's Anniversary
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In Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 31st January 2019 episode, Mauli makes a kheer and offer it to Kunal on the occasion of Nandini’s birthday. Kunal gets happy to have kheer and says Mauli’s friends, whom he doesn’t know, is very nice as he gets to eat kheer every year on her birthday only. Just than Mauli says Nandini’s name in front of Kunal after which everyone gets shocked, thinking maybe Kunal’s memory is returning. Kunal says this is the first time he’s hearing Nandini’s name from Mauli and that is why he gets shocked.

Mauli gives laddoo to Kunal, brought by Pari. Kunal asks Mauli, who have brought these laddoos to which Mauli answers that her one little patient has brought them as today is her mother’s birthday as well. After eating that laddoo, Kunal remembers a temple to which he shares with everyone, but everyone says that he has never visited that temple.

On the other hand, Ishaan calls Mauli and Mauli tells him that Kunal’s memory is returning slowly. Ishaan says to Mauli that Kunal’s memory will soon come back as Mauli, Radhika and Dida are there with him. Ishaan says Mauli to come back as soon as possible as he has prayed for her to come back soon.

Kunal and Mauli get ready for their marriage anniversary. Kunal asks Mauli to go out for a romantic dinner date but she makes excuses to avoid the outing with Kunal. But Kunal as her husband says that he wants to take his wife to a romantic dinner date and that’s all he wants from Mauli. Kunal says to Mauli that she is not completely ready to go out and put sindoor on her forehead. This leads Mauli to a flashback of past.

But Mauli remains calm and leaves with Kunal for their anniversary party, but before that Radhika and Dida ask them where they are going to which Kunal says that they are going out for their anniversary party. Radhika apologizes Mauli as she is facing all these because of Kunal’s memory loss. Radhika arrives at Ishaan’s home with Pizza for Pari and Mishti. Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka and written episodes.


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