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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka is on the track of breaking and joining new relationships. Mauli was asked to choose between the Kunal’s family and Ishaan. Mauli starts crying and tries to convince Sandhya but she gets fail as Sandhya is firm on her decision about Ishaan and this marriage. She says Kunal will not come in between her and Ishaan’s relationship. She says I will break every relation with Kunal. Sandhya says but I want you to break all relations with Nanno and Radhika also as Kunal will continue to come in that house and will be linked to you ultimately.

In the Silsila Badalte Rishton ka Written Updates of 21 December 2018, we got to see many changes in the behavior of Mauli as she is also in a dilemma whether she should choose Ishaan and agree to the terms of the Sandhya or stay with Nanno and Radhika as they always stood by her.

Mishti asks Mauli to come and listen to her as they are going with Popsy tomorrow for holiday. Mauli denies and says Popsy will not come as only mother and daughter duo will go to celebrate the holiday. Mishti says okay we will have fun together. Radhika and Nanno asks what happened Mauli. Mauli tells them that she cannot continue with Ishaan.

Ishaan becomes so sad and tensed and he calls Radhika, Radhika tells everything will be fine. Ishaan tries to contact Mauli but she cuts his call. At night when Mauli was thinking what she should do. Ishaan calls her and says what happened Mauli as my mother said something to you. Mauli says no. He says I will talk to mom and I will make everything fine.

Mauli says I have to talk to you. She makes him understand that his mother is right and I am not having a good past and it can affect our future. Ishaan says there is nothing like that. Mauli directly says that this marriage is not going to happen and he should stay a little away from her and this family. We are providing updates of Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka episode as soon as they are released.

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