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In Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 7th January 2019 episode, Mauli thinks if she misses her fiance Ishaan. She gets confused about whether she saw him in real or it was just her imagination. Coincidently she receives a call from Ishaan when she was thinking about him. Ishaan tells her how much he is missing her and asks her to not disconnect the call.

Ishaan tells her how he mistook five ladies to be Mauli and that those women almost slapped him for that. He asks Mauli if she also missed him in any manner. Mauli decides not to answer Ishaan and disconnects the phone which gives confirmation to Ishaan that Mauli also misses him. Ishaan gets very happy to know that his lady love Mauli also misses him.

Little Pari tells Mehak the very next morning that she is upset from Kunal as he is not completing her wish. She gets to know that her father Kunal had dressed up like a Santa and that he had promised Mishti that he will reunite Ishaan and Mauli. This makes Pari feel ignored by her father, but Mehak tries to tell Pari that why it is not possible for Kanul to marry Mauli. Ishaan arrives at Mauli’s clinic to visit, where he invites her to celebrate the new year with him. He also brings lovely gifts for Mauli that makes Mauli blush. She decides to join him for the New Year celebration.

Mishti gets happy to know that her mother and popsy are going to spend a good time together after a long time. Mauli gets dressed up for the evening with Ishaan. The doorbell of Mauli’s house rings when she was just about to leave. Mauli gets shocked to see Pari, Kunal and Mehak along with their luggage. Kunal asks Radhika to take his daughter Pari to little Mishti’s room and completely ignored Mauli.

Kunal reveals that he is renovating his house. Thus, he is going to spend some days at his mother’s house. When Mauli questions him, he says in clear words that it is his mother’s house and that he has no right to say anything to Kunal. Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of your favourite Colors TV show Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka and written updates.


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