Mauli Behaves Rude With Kunal: Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 10 December 2018, Written Updates
Image Source: Tellyupdate

In the latest episode of ‘Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka,’ Nandini’s death leaves a strong impact on Mauli as she is just crying remembering Nandani. The story of the TV show revolves around the changing equations between Mauli and Kunal, both are fighting with their fate and facing a lot of problems. There was a time when Mauli used to hate Nandani so much that she didn’t even want to see her face. But Mauli melts down since she learned about her death and blaming herself for everything. She is currently having so much guilt in her heart that her tears are not leaving her alone.

She keeps feeling guilty with wet eyes. She reaches dargah where Nandini used to go often. Nandani’s death leaves Mauli heartbroken. It seems like Mauli feels so destroy and hollow after Nandani’s death. Mauli arrives dargah to pray for Nandani’s soul to rest in peace. She prays to Allah for Nandani with tears in her eyes.

While Mauli cries in dargah remembering Nandani, Kunal, who comes in dargah every year, enters in the same dargah. Kunal was also there to pray for Nandani to rest in peace. Mauli meets Kunal in dargah, she was going inside the dargah while Kunal was coming out from there. They both bump into each other and exchange a look, standing in front of each other. Mauli gets to know Nandani is not alive now and that Kunal is leaving alone as of now, she feels very bad for her and remembers how she cursed her. But she never wanted her to die like this.

Let’s see how Nandani’s death will change the lives of Kunal and Mauli. It will be very interesting to see what Mauli will do next after Nandani’s death. Stay tuned with us for more information and written update.


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