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In a recent development, SpaceX has postponed its 6th mission which was scheduled for the launch of the telecommunications giants SES, and now they will be adding some additional work on the second stage. The launch is now scheduled for June 4th, 2018 from Florida’s Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and it will be using the flight-proven Falcon 9 rocket which will be helping in deploying the SES-12 satellite in the geostationary transfer orbit.

This launch will be SpaceX 11th mission of the year, and it will be continued to be in partnership with Luxembourg-based SES. SES was said to be the first customer who has launched a communication satellite with the help of the Falcon 9 rocket in the year 2013. SES-12 which was scheduled for launch after some days will be using Falcon9 rocket which was previously flown to space, and it has deployed the US Air Force X-37B spaceplanes in the last September.

The payload of the SES-12 is about 5,400 Kg communication satellite, and it will be carrying 76 Ka and Ku band transponders. It has constructed the Airbus Defence and Space, and it was built around the Eurostar E3000e platform which is a variant of the Airbus Eurostar 3000 product line. This variant depends on the electric propulsion for raising the manoeuvre to the orbit.

SES-12 satellite will be replacing the 15-year-old NSS-6 satellite, and it will be stationed in geostationary orbit which is at a longitude of about 95 degrees east. This will be helpful in providing the direct-to-home broadcasting and also high-throughout satellite services to Australia, Asia and the Middle East along with Eastern Europe, Mediterranean and East Africa. When the satellite is deployed in orbit by the Falcon 9 rocket, and it will be operating for next 15 years.

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