Scott Pruitt dismantles two key environmental amid scandals

As per Scott Pruitt, who is the Environmental Protection Agency Administrator made his staff run personal errands to fetch Greek yogurt and protein bars. He also had his full-time security detail hunt for Ritz- Carlton lotion, and he had an aide who asks for the used Trump hotel mattress. This type of stories have been domination a news coverage of the EPA boss, and they have prompted smirks and snark, and they are hardly have done any important developments at the agency.

During the last week, the Democrats have asked the Justice Department to investigate Pruitt and federal inquiries and audits due to the ethical conduct which was occurring in the office. Pruitt has managed to deliver two wins for the industries which are not like EPA regulations, and it continues to roll back rules on toxic chemicals and they change about the EPA weighs which costs and benefits the regulations.

On Thursday, the EPA has issued a notice in which it plans to revise the evaluation of costs and benefits which helps in making the regulations. This calculation is said to be critical, and it is in designing of new regulations which are done on everything from greenhouse gas emissions to toxic pesticides. If the costs exceed the benefits, then the regulation is not worthy.

The Wall Street Journal editorial page has argued that Obama’s EPA has some things to justify costly regulation which includes social costs and benefits and it makes a case for regulating greenhouse gases. The calculations on this are done to fight against the climate change, and it will be like avoiding coastal sea level rise and to avert asthma which is caused by pollutants which are emitted alongside the carbon dioxide, and it could be accounted for policymaking.

This has provided the foundation for Obama’s signature climate policy, and it is known as Clean Power Plan, and it aimed to reduce the carbon emissions from a single source of greenhouse gases in the US.


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