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It’s been a year with about 17 whales deaths and a dismal breeding season; things are now looking as bleak for the North Atlantic right whale. These whales are said to be one of the world’s most endangered large whales species, and the whale’s food is moving north, and they are the gentle giants and into waters for some fishing industry activity.

According to a new paper, which was out on Monday in Oceanography, has said that they are saving the species from the extinction and it will require to increase the monitoring of the creatures, and it find new ways for the fisheries, and the whales also have right to coexist sustainably.

North Atlantic right whales usually roamed in the waters of the Gulf of Maine and the Scotian Shelf and the summer, and they fall to forage for the food. It has small aquatic crustaceans which have named copepods, and the researchers believe that the warming oceans may be driving copepods northward.

In the year 2017, North Atlantic right whales are now occupied and in large numbers and the waters of Canada’s Gulf of St. Lawrence. This area is said to be recently lacked the regulations, and it is needed to protect the North Atlantic right whale from ship strikes, and it gets entanglement in fishing gear.

According to Erin Meyer, who is a postdoctoral scholar at University of California Santa Barbara and he is the lead author of the paper, and it is not so much, and the whales were not finding the food, and they were starving to death. It is that what they had to go to looks for the food and they have faced the greater risk of a human who has caused mortality.

Last year it was said to be an alarming year for the North Atlantic right whales. Their carcasses have littered in the shores of the east coast, and there are 12 carcasses in Canada and 5 in the United States. The death of animals may be due to blunt force trauma or entanglement issues.

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