Scientists have developed a mysterious particle, called Sterile Neutrinos. The unique feature of the particle is, it travels through matter but doesn’t interact with matter.

In the 1990s it was first discovered. Then scientists have been conducting various researchers, but they were unable to find other evidence of Sterile Neutrinos. But, now two experiments have again proved the existence of Sterile Neutrinos. Previously conducted researchers have denied the existence of the particle.

Talking more about the Sterile Neutrinos, in 1990 the Los Alamos National Laboratory, situated in New Mexico experimented with called the Liquid Scintillator Neutrino Detector (LSND). During that experiment, the scientists for the first time came to know about the Sterile neutrino which goes through matter, without any interaction. Later during other experiments, they didn’t find the particle.

However, now while experimenting called MiniBooNE, at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab), Chicago, the scientists detected Sterile Neutrinos particle. The new study has been posted on arXiv preprint server.  

A particle Physicist Kate Scholberg at Duke University stated that if the MIiniBooNE experiment’s results are perfect, then that would be great and will be beyond the standard model. That will need new particles and a new framework.

Till now, the standard model of physics has been dominating the factors of understanding about the universe from around 50 years. The standard physics model shows that particles move together and tells how matter and energy act in the cosmos. Apart from that particle, one can easily think about the particles like quarks and electrons. These particles are the reason behind the development of atoms. Apart from that, there are three major neutrinos, which move through universe but hardly interact with other matter. It’s like, everyday Billions of high-power neutrinos originated from the sun pass through the human body, but without affecting the body. However, scientists are now examining more about it to develop solid evidence.



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