Scientists have discovered three ways by which human civilization may have ended

In new research, the scientists have concluded that the civilisation which was present on the Earth can be killed or wiped out due to the three reasons or factors. They have concluded this with the help of using the math models.

A team of researchers who are from the University of Rochester in New York has used a mathematical model to calculate about the effects that can happen shortly on Earth by taking the population and climate changes in the account.

The researchers who have done this research have found out that the human civilisation can go through a soft landing and then it will gradually die-off or go to a full-blown collapse. A die=off usually occurs when there is about 70 percent of life present in the Earth, and then it is wiped out before the things go back to the normal positions. These findings said to be the most probable outcome, and from the outcome, a soft landing is the most positive outcome.

As per them, this is possible when the civilisation that is present in the Earth will adapt to the changing weather conditions and sea levels, and it will help in avoiding the mass extinction on the Earth. A full-blown collapse which means this planet is more sensitive to recover from the damage which is usually caused by the humankind. If a doomsday scenario comes then, the planets will be switched to renewable duels to save themselves from the extinction, and all the damages that are caused by them will then be reversed.

According to the co-author of the study, Professor Adam Frank said that there are more than 10 billion trillion planets which may exist in the cosmos and nature may have perversely biased against the civilisations like ours.


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