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In a recent discovery, the scientist of China has found the oldest fossilized animal footprints. The parallel tracks that were formed in mud up to 551 million years ago and it is found in southern China’s Yangtze Gorges.

The new study found that the oldest footprints were tracked back to about 540 million years ago and it was during the Ediacaran period. This period is hundreds of years before the dinosaurs started to roam on Earth which is about 245 million years back.

They have dated back to 10 million years before the Cambrian Explosion, and that was the time when arthropod and other animal life was rapidly growing, and then the creatures with pairs of legs capable of leaving such footprints were thought to have risen.

According to the scientist who is from the Chinese Academy of Sciences Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology and it is along with colleagues from Virginia Tech in the US. They have studied the tracks and the burrows which are found within part of the Denying Formation which is a fossil-rich area near the Yangtze River.

These trackways indicate that the bilaterian animal and it is a creature with bilateral symmetry and has a head at one end and back end at the other. This type of sea-dwelling animal had paired, and it has raised the body above the ocean floor and footprints might have left behind due to its multiple feet. These footprints are located next to the fossilized burrows, and that means the mystery of this animal might lead to digging up the ocean floors for sediments and microbial materials, as said by researchers.

The discovery of this shows us that the animals with appendages lived during the Ediacaran period and the study was published online in the journal Science Advances.



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