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Scientists have discovered a small dwarf planet orbiting in the outlying area of the solar system and located around 20 times as far as Neptune is. The planet is moving in a strange way which suggested that the ninth planet of the solar system is now developing, asserting its gravitational pull.

The new study has provided a different explanation. The gravity developed collectively by the asteroids can be responsible for the behaviour of detached objects for example Sedna. It is also expected that these objects were the reason behind the extinction of the dinosaurs.

If the Planet Nine is real, then it will be the first planet orbiting the Sun. This discovery can help scientists to know more about outer planets. However, scientists have not able to study the Planet Nine directly. All the facts are developed after studying the gravitational movement of Trans- Neptunian Objects (TNOs) which are situated far away from universe’s eighth planet.

Now, scientists from the University of Colorado at Boulder, have developed a new model and presented at the 232nd meeting of the American Astronomical Society, held in Denver on 4th June. The study suggested some facts about the gravitational oddities. As per the study, accruement of small objects over the years knocked such objects into strange orbits.

Jacob Fleisig, Undergraduate in Astrophysics at the University of Colorado stated there could be thousands of smaller bodies out there undetected. Fleisig and the team detected such small and icy objects using computer simulations.

Talking more about Planet Nine, the first evidence of the planet was detected in 2014.  Chad Trujillo and Scott S. Sheppard while examining Sedna and 2012 VP113, discovered the Planet Nine. Such objects never come close to planets like Jupiter and Neptune. However, scientists are now conducting extensive research to know more about such mysterious planets.


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