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In the study of ghost particles known as high-energy neutrinos, breakthroughs in humans, planets and entire galaxies are unobstructed, providing scientists with a bold new way to expand our understanding of the universe.

Researchers said on Thursday that they first found a deep-space source for these ubiquitous subatomic particles. They detected high-energy neutrinos in the original ice layer deep in the surface of Antarctica, and then traced their source back to a giant elliptical galaxy with a huge, rapidly rotating black hole at the core, called blazar, located at Orion. The earth is 3.7 billion light years. Constellation.

Astronomy, such as shock-absorbing energy sources, such as super-energy neutrinos like astronomy, can lead to a very strong test. This field is known as the “multi-messenger astrologic”.

“The neutrinos provide us with a new window into the universe,” said Darren Grant, a physicist at the University of Alberta, a spokesman for the IceCube Science Partnership. “In many ways, neutrinos are ideal astronomical messengers in nature. They can basically escape their production sites and bring this information directly to their detection points through the universe.”

The results of this study unravel a mysterious history dating back to the sources of subatomic particles in 1912, such as neutrinos and cosmic rays that passed through the universe. It seems that they come from some of the most violent places in the universe.

‘Swim in neutrino’

Another researcher, Pennsylvania State University physicist Doug Cowan said: “Every hundred billion neutrinos pass your thumbnail every second, but it’s likely that none of your life will hit you. The thumb atom.” “It can be said accurately that we are all swimming in neutrinos.”

Francis Halsey, a physicist at the University of Wisconsin and chief scientist at the IceCube Neutrino Observatory, said that high-energy neutrinos are produced from the same sources as cosmic rays, the most energetic particles observed so far, but in key areas. Different.

As charged particles, cosmic rays cannot be traced directly to their source, because strong magnetic fields in space change their trajectories.

Neutrons are electronically neutral, and they do not interact with the strongest magnetic film, and you get a nickname for “heroic particles”. Directly to them directly to the original source.

.Approximately 5,160 light sensors record small flashes that are produced in rare cases where neutrinos collide with nuclei in transparent ice. The key detection was released on September 22, 2017, and the neutrino eventually dates back to blazar.

Not all neutrinos are high energy. For example, low-energy neutrinos are produced in large quantities during the fusion of stars like the Sun.

Grant may not be the only source of Blurry energy for energy neutrinos or high-purity cosmic rays. Other objects and galaxy nuclei, quasaras, gamma-ray bursts and supernova explosions are also mentioned.


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