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There are still many sea creatures which remain undiscovered, and they all are like an alien to the humans. To bring those undiscovered or unknown sea creatures to the front, scientists are now developing portable device so that they can easily transport those sea creatures to the surface zone. The device will protect them from depressurisation while transporting.

The devices have existed since the 1970s. The only disadvantage of this is it is quite large and only work under the darkness of the ocean. There are some other devices which are developed to work in the twilight of the mesophotic zone. This zone is filled with mysterious and unknown coral reefs that have not discovered yet.

Now, some divers have explored the mesophotic zone for the first time. All thanks to the development of SCUBA technology. To know more about the region, Bart Shepherd, Senior Director of the California Academy of Sciences’ Steinhart Aquarium and co-leader of CalAcademy have moved a little deeper in the ocean. Bart Shepherd stated that when they started doing deep dives, they discovered the ecosystems that nobody has ever seen. They are trying to bring those to the front for the public.

The team has developed the Submersible Chamber for Ascending Specimens (SubCAS). First, they catch fishes in a small jar. After reaching around 200 feet, the jar is then placed inside a larger water filter housing unit. Then a bubble of air is created. During the transportation, the bubble will expand and will keep the pressure inside the jar containing fish.

As per the report, during the experiment conducted between 2014 to 2917, around 155 fishes survived decompression. 143 fishes transported the Steinhart Aquarium, from Vanuatu, Pohnpeito, Palau and the Philippines. The new study paper has been published in Marine Science. Now they are trying to discover more mysterious ocean creatures.  



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