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Scientists published guidebook based on existing research to search for alien life. Some prominent experts in this area, including Riverside in the University of California, America, have written a major series of review papers in the future of discovering life on the previous planets and other planets. In Journal space biology, it is said that the two-year work done by NASA Exoplanet System Science, going to the study of planetary habit.

Around 3,500 planets around other stars are discovered by scientists these are called exoplanets and many more will be discovered in the future. Some of these are rocky, earth-shaped planets that are inhabitable areas of their stars, which means that it is neither too hot nor too cold for liquid water – and possibly life-in existence.

In the data collected from future telescope observations, five papers will serve as references to scientists, which are called biosignature. Edward Schweterman said, “In less than 30 years, we have not been aware of whether the planets exist outside our solar system to be able to identify potentially habitable planets and collect data Who will enable us to see the signatures of life. ” Postdoctoral researcher at UC Riverside.

“This progress provides unprecedented opportunities to answer the old question of age, ‘Are we alone?’, But it is also demanding that we develop strong models and go ahead with greater care which will lead us to a higher level of life. Explain and allow to recognize. Certainly, “Schwieterman said. Researchers have reviewed three types of biosignature that the astrologer has proposed to be on the other planets as a marker for life, all of whom should be known far enough because the stars of the Exponents Class do not reach us individually Can.

These include gaseous products of the life that can be found in the environment, such as oxygen produced by photosynthesis, on Earth. Another marker surface uses biological alignment, such as induce life in light absorption and reflection of light on the surface of the planet, such as during photosynthesis,  to the red border while absorbing red light, but infrared light Does not reflect.

Variations in gaseous , such as biological changes in the Earth’s atmosphere during different seasons, indicates life. Timothy Lyon, professor of alternative earth astrophysical center of UC Riverside, said, “We are using Earth to discover life on other planets because it is the only known example we have.”


“Instead of being bound by the study of today’s life, we use geological and geochemical analysis to investigate billions of years that the earth emerges on earth under the living, developed and emerging conditions, hence  Alternative Earth Lyons said. “The discovery of life by using biosignature is not as easy as looking for a molecule or compound. For example, atmospheric oxygen may be a sign of life, but there are many non-physiological ways that oxygen gas can be produced in the exposition. “On the contrary, it is possible that there should be living in the early life on earth or in the absence of oxygen gas, similar to the parts of the oceans today.”


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