Recently Odhisa government has replaced the previous sponsor of the Indian Hockey Team Sahara. Now, Odhisa Government emerged out as the new sponsor for hockey team for the next five years. On Thursday it was announced that Odhisa will sponsor all national teams including junior and senior, men and women, the deal is estimated of Rs. 150 crores approximately. Odhisa comes on board after the deal was finished with Sahara and was enlarged till 2021 in January 2017. Sahara was sponsoring the team since 1995 and contract continued to 2017 that extended to 2021. However, the contract amount for the year 2017 to 2021 was not announced.

The current year is considered as the busiest year for the Hockey Indian teams of both men and women. The state is always enthusiastic for hockey as it also gives some remarkable players for the field like Dilip Tirkey, Ignace Tirkey, and Lazarus Barla in previous some years. The performance of both the team has enhanced on the field and it reporting consecutive wins in every game. This is not first that the state contributes in Hockey it also admitted Kalinga Lancers franchise in the Hockey India League.

The president of the International Hockey Federation Narinder Bata who stated that the vast deal will adopt more sports from different states. “It is very important for states to be involved in sports. Odisha has adopted hockey, athletics and a few other sports. It sets a good benchmark for the rest.” Odisha government is enhancing the sport unconditionally for no doubt and in result, the teams are giving an admirable performance on the field and winning a number of tournaments that is quite appreciable. Development is mandatory in every field including sport and they resemble the country in the world. Stay tuned with us for more information and latest updates related to Indian Hockey sport.


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