Russian cosmonaut shows hole in ISS, assures all are in place
Image Source: Science Insider News

On Monday, 10 September 2018, a cosmonaut has shown off the hole that is present in the International Space Station.  This small hole has caused some loss of oxygen and after which Russia has said that this hole has been drilled deliberately by anyone for sabotage.

As per the 43-year-old cosmonaut, he said that everything is good and calm on board. We are now living in peace as well as there is no strain on the friendship. He is said to be the first in this space mission. The hole which was discovered on August 30th, 2018, after an air leak was detected from the space station. In the space station currently, some astronauts are from the US, Germany as well as Russia.

According to the head of the Russian Space Agency Dmitry Rogozin, he said that this had caused a sensation during the last week when he said that this hole seems to be deliberately drilled in Earth or Space. After this incident, the Russian Space Agency has started to investigate this matter by forming a committee. The reports of the committee will be presented in the mid-September.

The photos of the drilled hole are not yet publicly released, but NASA has posted this photo before deleting it from the social media. The hole is now covered with a sealant which is hidden on a padded flap. The video which Russia cosmonaut released shows that all the things are in the right place now.


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