To make Russia a rocket center in five years to send the tourists to outer space

Rocket Lab has announced that it is going to launch. It’s Electron small rocket on June 22nd, 2018. The launch which was dubbed as “It’s Business Time” will be the company’s first commercial Electron launch which will be after two test flights. The launch date was scheduled from June 22nd to July 5th with daily launch window opening time at 8:30 PM EDT and closing time at 12:30 PM EDT.

Earlier, the company has postponed the launch of the rocket after detecting the problem which is in the motor when they are fueling the rocket before the launch. After they detected the defect, they have rescheduled the launch for May. But the engineers of the company take too long to diagnose the defect, so the company again rescheduled the launch to June.

According to Peter Beck, who is the chief executive of Rocket lab said, “During the wet dress rehearsal we saw some really weird behaviour in one of the motor controllers. We couldn’t quite explain it. It was one of these faults that had a non-obvious cause.”

The rocket will now blast off from the Rocket Lab’s commercially-operated launch site on Mahia peninsula on the eastern shore of New Zealand’s North Island. In this delay, the company has taken the advantage by adding additional payloads to the mission and for which the company has named it as “It’s Business Time.” The extra loads that the rocket will now carry are new satellites which are Irvine01 which the other satellite is NABEO.

As per the Peter Beck, he said, “Rocket Lab’s responsive space model is crucial to support the exponential growth of the small satellite market. That a customer can come to us seeking a ride to orbit and we can have them booked to launch in weeks is unheard of in the launch business.”

Ashwin Singh
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