toddler planet, NASA

A group of international team of researchers has found a new toddler planet which is orbiting around the double star. The discovery was found from the observations that were done from the SPHERE instrument which is present on the European Very Large Telescope.

Astronomers of Leiden University, Netherlands, who are headed by Christian Ginski are looking at the double star named as CS CHA. While looking at the star, they found a newly formed planet and that planet is about 600 light years away from Earth, and it is still growing. This system is present in Chameleon constellation in the Southern Hemisphere.

When the astronomers are researching the double star CS CHA. They have spotted a small dot on the edge of the images. When they investigated it thoroughly and started looking through the archive images which are taken by Hubble Space Telescope and Very Large Telescope, they found this dot also. This dot is much faint in the old images, and this revealed that this planet is growing constantly.

toddler planet, NASA

The formation of this planet is still not clear as it does not fit the criteria of existing planet-forming models. The structure of the planet is also very mysterious, and researchers claim that the size might be bigger than Jupiter or a small dwarf planet.

According to the Christian Ginski, who is from Leiden University says, “The most exciting part is that the light of the companion is highly polarized. Such a preference in the direction of polarization usually occurs when the light is scattered along the way. The tricky part is that the disc blocks a large part of the light and that is why we can hardly determine the mass of the companion. So it could be a brown dwarf but also a super-Jupiter in his toddler years. The classical planet-forming models can’t help us.”

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