marine species, bermuda coast

The researchers from the Oxford University recently discovered more than 100 new marine species in a new ocean zone located near the Bermuda coast.

The new ocean zone, called the Rare Light Zone, was found just a few miles away from the Bermuda coast. The Rare Light Zone is about 130 to 300 meters regarding dimension and covers the top 3000 meters of the ocean. It enters into Mesophotic, Altiphotic, Bathyal and the Rariphotic Zones, which have unique and vibrant biological communities of their own.

The deep ocean research mission was conducted by Nekton, a British Charity of Ocean Exploration. The mission confirms the fact that there are hundreds of new marine species surviving in the Rare Light Zone of the Bermuda coast.

marine species, bermuda coast

The director of the mission, Alex Rogers said that they had not expected such findings from the Bermuda coast and expected to discover a lot more from the Rare Light Zone in the future. Till now, about 40,000 ocean species and 4,000 gallons of water samples have been analysed by the exploring team, Rogers added. He concluded by saying that as the Bermuda waters have been studied well for many decades, the Rare Light Zone seems to have a large diversity and number of new species that are yet to be explored.

The earlier study conducted was not based on an in-depth analysis. But this new study has all the required extensive and intensive research data which can help to discover more and greater variety of ocean species than the earlier study.

Notably, the seas across the globe comprise of more than 100,000 underwater mountains. However, till now, less than 50 of these mountains have been sampled biologically in detail.

It is impossible for the satellites to capture pictures of ocean floors as the seawater block radio waves. This concludes to the fact that about 95 percent of the oceans across the world remain to be discovered.   

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