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Researchers believed that our solar system comprised of just nine-planets until the discovery of a few dwarf planets, minor planets and tons of ice chunks, asteroids beyond Neptune. And now, an international researchers team has found the most-farthest celestial body, nicknamed as ‘Farout’ in the solar system, which is located nearly 120 AUs (astronomical units) away from the Sun.

This places Farout even farther away from Pluto and Eris, which are 34 AUs and 96 AUS away from the Sun respectively. Scott S Sheppard, an astronomer from the Carnegie Institution for Science was the first one to have discovered the object ‘2018 VG18’, the official name of Farout, on 10 November.

He was assisted by researchers from the Northern Arizona University and the University of Hawaii. For the study, the researchers utilized Japanese Subaru 8 metre long telescope in the location of Hawaii to carry out the initial observation. The existence of Farout was later on confirmed by the Las Campanas Observatory located in Chile with the help of Magellan telescope.

It was discovered when the researchers were searching for the Planet 9 or Planet X; the theorized large sized ninth planet is orbiting in the outer reaches of the solar system. Depending on the information collected so far, the researchers have made estimates regarding the location, size, colour and brightness of Farout.

They believe that Farout’s diameter is around 310-370 miles and it is most likely is spherical, which does not make it a big comet. This is why the researchers are considering Farout to be a dwarf planet. Besides, as the celestial body appears to be pinkish, it indicates that Farout’s surface may be covered with ice. Researchers now hope to discover more about the outer edges of the solar system with the discovery of Farout.

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