Researchers discover four ginormous planets orbiting around a young star
Image Source: The Independent

In a breakthrough discovery, the researchers have, for the very first time, discovered a young star having four large sized planets, equivalent to the size of Jupiter and Saturn orbiting around it. The star, named as CI Tau, is around five hundred light-years away in the galaxy’s nursery region, the researchers at the Cambridge University said.

Moreover, as per the study, which appears in Astrophysical Journal Letters, the newly found system is the only one to have made the enormous orbits range observed till date. The system’s farthermost planet is over thousand times away from CI Tau than compared to the innermost planet. This fact has raised a few interesting questions on how a system like this formed, said the researchers.

The star, CI Tau, is only 2 million years old and has a big disc comprising of ice and dust surrounding it, the researchers further said. The disc, which is being called as protoplanetary disc, is the place where asteroids, moons, planets, as well as another kind of astronomical objects, form in the stellar systems. CI Tau is considered to be incredible as it comprises of the first giant Jupiter-sized planet to be identified making orbits around such a ‘toddler’ star.

The researchers’ team utilized the Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA) to look for the other sibling planets to this so-called Jupiter. The picture showed three different gaps present in the disc. And, as per the theoretical modelling conducted by the researchers, the gaps were probably caused due to 3 additional gas planets which are also making orbits around CI Tau.

The four large sized planets orbiting around the young star vary a lot from each other regarding their orbits. Besides, the two outermost planets are near about the size of Saturn while the two innermost planets are near to the same size as Jupiter. Further study will be carried out to solve this new puzzling system, said the researchers.


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