In a new discovery, the researchers have found an unusual fossilized skull which was found in eastern Utah. This new discovery has thrown some light on past species as the discovery of half-mammal, and half reptile species will help the scientists in the development of mammals and other geological surroundings.

This fossil is said to about 130 million years old, and it belongs to an unknown reptile like mamma. The name of the species is known as “Cifelliodonwahkarmoosuch” in the journal Nature. The weight of the species is said to be two and a half pounds, and the height is about 6 inches in length. It was discovered at the Bureau of Land Management Lands which is in the northeast of Arches National Park in Utah by Andrew R.C. Milner, who is the paleontologist at the St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm.

According to the Adam Huttenlocker, who is the lead author of the study and also the assistant professor of clinical integrative anatomical sciences at the Keck School of Medicine of USC said, “Based on the unlikely discovery of this near-complete fossil cranium, we now recognize a new, cosmopolitan group of early mammal relatives.”

The experts, who are from Utah Geological Survey and the University of Chicago worked on the study shows that the Cifelliodon belongs to an extinct branch of mammal ancestors and as per the Deseret News it said that it is young and the hair-covered Cifelliodon can lay eggs also.

This new study got published on this month in the journal Nature and sheds an important new light on the question about how mammals evolved and dispersed across the major continents during the era of Mesozoic or known as an era of dinosaurs.


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