Removing carbon dioxide from the air is cheap than what is thought before

In a new study, it was seen that carbon dioxide from the atmosphere was said to be an expensive strategy for averting the climate catastrophe. The detailed study about this was published on June 7th, 2018 and the results of the studies show that the geoengineering technology is now inching closer to the commercial viability.

The researchers who are at Carbon Engineering in Calgary, Canada has done this study and has been operating a pilot CO2 extraction plant in British Columbia since the tear 2015. This plant is said to be providing the basis for the economic analysis, and it includes the estimated cost from the commercial vendors among the major components. This depends on a variety of designs, economic assumptions and the cost of taking out carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is estimated between US 494 and $232.

According to the David Keith, who is the acting chief scientist at Carbon Engineering and also a climate physicist at Havard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts said that the study was published in the paper to discuss the cost and the potential of the technology. They are now trying to make it commercialize and seriously taking the air capture.

In the United States, Carbon Engineering is now looking to expand subsidy for carbon capture. As a result, it will be provided the tax of $35 per tonne of atmospheric C02, and it is converted into fuels afterward. The regulators who are present in California are now discussing the measure which would allow such fuels to qualify for the State’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard.

This industry is now looking to build a small facility which can produce upto 200 barrels of fuel per day by the year 2021 and then a commercial plant that can produce about 2,000 barrels per day.


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