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G Nageshwar Rao, vice chancellor of the Andhra University has said that the Kauravas were born because of test tube technologies as well as by utilizing the stem cell. India possessed the knowledge related to the guided missiles to millions of years ago. G Nageshwar Rao made this revelation on Friday at Indian Science Congress.

G Nageshwar Rao has also reportedly claimed that the ten avatars of Lord Vishnu, ‘’Dashavatar’ predates the Darwinian Theory, ‘Theory of Evolution’ by suggested by Charles Darwin at English naturalist. In the Indian Science Congress, Roa also said that Lord Rama, the son of Dashrath, utilized ‘shastras’ and ‘astras’ as weapons whereas Lord Vishnu used to send a Sudarshan Chakra that has the capability of chasing the targets.

Once the targets are hit, the weapons would come back to their respective wielders. The vice chancellor of Andhra University said that this proves that the level of science behind the guided missiles isn’t a new thing for Indian as it was present thousands of years ago. Rao also suggests that the events during the events of Ramayana, Ravan didn’t just feature the Pushpak Viman; instead, he had more than 24 types of aircraft with different capacities as well as size.

According to Rao, Ravana has numerous airports in his kingdom, Lanka and he even uses these aircraft for different types of purposes. Rao addressed one of the studies of Charles Darwin which state that life on earth began from water and Lord Vishnu’s first avatar was an also a fish, and it was called Matsya. Rao asked how was it possible for Gandhari, the mother of the Kauravas who in her life gave birth to 100 children? The only way possible to achieve something like this is test tube babies. In Mahabharata, hundreds of eggs were fertilized, and they were put into hundred earthen pot.

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