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Qayamat Ki Raat has taken a new turn and Raj is reborn as Raghav and Gauri as Vaidehi. A dadi is there in the home and some guests come in the house. There is a new character in the show named as Shekhi. Mehra family comes in and they see the house which is so big and marvelous. She asks where is their daughter. Dadi says she is having me time. Shekhar says Vaidehi is doing yoga and coming in few minutes. Gauri comes as Vaidehi. Dadi says  she is going to charge her smartphone. Dadi asks if he has asked Vaidehi that she is ready to marry.

In Qayamat Ki Raat 30th December 2018 we will see Vaidehi talks to a boy. She comes home and sees the news that in Ramnamgarh, boys get missing from there and news shows that haveli and Vaidehi remember something. Shekhar introduces her daughter and Vaidehi says that she do not know about them. Dadi says that they have come here to see her. Vaidehi meets Rakesh. They say that they like the girl. Vaidehi says that she wants a partner and she is a broad-minded girl and wants a boy like this also. She says she wants to work even after marriage. She says the second condition is that everyone expects to extend the family after one month and I cannot do that.

The boy says you do not worry about that as I also like this. Vaidehi says that she wants to donate her property to charity. Boy says that’s nice as I do charity too but you are donating 200 crores. Vaidehi says that how do you know that as this is the inside news. She catches their fact. Vaidehi becomes angry and insults them. Then They all becomes so angry and leaves. Shekhar thinks why she talked to them like this. For more updates of Qayamat Ki Raat written episode, stay tuned


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