Qayamat Ki Raat 24th November 2018 Episode Written Updates
Image Source: English News - Dailyhunt

Qayamat Ki Raat is a horror drama which comes on Star Plus. In the latest written update of Qayamat Ki Raat Uma asks Raj to kill Savitri. Gauri tells that she saw someone here. Raj becomes angry and leaves. Uma becomes scared and runs out of the room. Raj comes there and wants to kill her.

Qayamat ki Raat 24th November written episode goes on when Gauri becomes scared and asks this man is not Raj and why you are doing this. Raj also goes and says I will kill Savitri. Raj goes and is determined to kill Savitri. Gauri says please do not do this and if you will kill Savitri then I will kill myself. Raj says I am devil and Kalasur. Gauri shouts and says no your are Raj. Uma comes there and acts as she is concerned about Gauri. She says what are you doing Raj. Raj faints.

Dharam drives a car and suddenly some girl comes in front of his car. He asks are your fine. The girl says yes I am okay and the mistake is mine as I was rushing to the temple. Gauri calls Dharam and asks him to come soon. Dharam asks what happened Gauri. Gauri says I am so scared as Kalasur is not dead. Dharam asks how. Gauri tells that we killed Kalasur but he is not dead but somehow managed to come back in the blood of Raj. Gauri cries and says tantrik is not going to die. Gauri says he is living in Raj but i have a way out and ask Dharam to come along her.

Gauri takes up the photo and says only one is left in here and this woman is having some mystery and secrets maybe she wants to helps us so we should find her. She shows the photo to the Uma and Umas asks Gauri not to show this photo to anybody in the house as this will increase fear in the minds of the family. There is high-voltage drama going on in show Qayamat ki Raat that you just can’t miss. Stay tuned with us to get latest information and written updates.


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