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In the latest episode of Qayamat Ki Raat, we will see that Vaidehi tries to go to the place where dead souls live as she wants to save Raghav from Sanjana. Kalasur says that Vaidehi is here and Sanjana says that he has lost his powers with age and now he is not overpowering. Kalasur becomes angry and says that he knows she is here. Vaidehi was traveling to the other space of dead people, and she thinks she needs to leave now; otherwise, Kalasur will kill her. Kalasur does some magic and makes the place enchanted so that Vaidehi will come out and eventually Vaidehi gets hurt and she comes out. Kalasur says that he knew Vaidehi was here. Vaidehi asks Kalasur to leave Raghav.

In Qayamat ki Raat 17th February 2019 episode, we will see new twists and turns which are spicing up the serial which it needs badly right now. Vaidehi becomes emotional and asks Kalasur to leave Raghav as he has harmed him. Kalasur says that I will kill him and you do not know anything. Sanjana asks Kalasur to stop wasting time, and we need to go. Kalasur tells her that we have plenty of time, but Vaidehi does not have time as she has to go back to her world before sunrise. Kalasur says that after 12 minutes Sun will rise and she will be trapped inside this world.

Kalasur says you should try to go out and I will not stop you. Sanjana asks why he is wasting time. He says I want to entertain myself. Vaidehi tries to escape, but she gets tired and hurt. Vaidehi thinks she does not have anything which is pure and she has to fight on her own. Kalasur says that her time is decreasing and she is dying. Vaidehi’s parents become so tensed, and they all cry. Dadi says that evil cannot win over truth. Kalasur laughs. Raghav wakes up and sees what is happening around.

Finally, Raghav gets up and says that he wants to go out of this place and he comes out. That enchanted protection breaks. Vaidehi runs. Kalasur comes out, and Raghav asks who is he. Kalasur asks Sanjana to run after Vaidehi. Raghav asks who is he and what is happening. Sanjana says she will kill Vaidehi and will not let her go. We will see what will happen next. For more updates of Qayamat Ki Raat written episodes, stay tuned with us.


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