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In the earlier episode of Qayamat Ki Raat, we have seen that Vaidehi and Raj meets in a drastic way and the auction of the haveli of Raam Naam Garh happens. The images of the haveli are shown to the Vaidehi and Raghav and they both get the sense of their past. The auction starts and Vaidehi gets mesmerized by the haveli and she gives 50 crores for the haveli. She thinks that how she can do this and why she had paid such a big amount for this haveli but this is the same mansion which she saw in her dreams. Raghav comes there and says I also see that mansion in my dreams.

In Qayamat Ki Raat 05th January 2019 written episode we will see that Raghav and Vaidehi fights. Vaidehi says that she knows the people like him. Vaidehi comes home and her father asks what happened. Vaidehi says that there is a boy who is irritating her. Her father asks her to tell what happened. Raghav goes home and his mother asks what happened and then Raghav’s sister comes. Raghav’s father asks him to take a job. His father accuses him. Vaidehi says that she has seen this mansion before and how is this possible.

Her dad says that rebirths happen if someone has incomplete love or motive and maybe she is having her rebirth. Vaidehi says that she does not believe in this. Raghav thinks how is he going to get that contract. Raghav says that he will get the contract of this mansion and will make it a marvelous hotel. Raghav says that Vaidehi and I are having some connection as she also sees that mansion. We will see the new witch in the episode that this witch has come for Raj and Gauri and to accomplish the motive of Kaalasur.

Vaidehi and Raghav go to RamNam Garh and suddenly TT comes there and asks why you are drinking alcohol in the train. Vaidehi asks them to arrest him. TC asks them to come out of the train. Higher officer asks them to pay the fine and next station is RamNam Garh. They says that they will go there. Officer says that you should not go in the night as there is a forest in which we can hear bad voices of the spirits. Raghav makes fun of the Vaidehi and says we have our spirit with us. Vaidehi becomes angry and asks how dare you do that. For more updates of Qayamat Ki Raat episode, stay tuned with us.



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