Aşk Laftan Anlamaz, Pyaar Lafzon Mein Kahan Episode 109
Image Source: Hürriyet

The latest episode of the famous Turkish drama, Pyaar Lafzon Mein Kahan (Aşk Laftan Anlamaz) has been uploaded on YouTube. The story of the show is set in Istanbul and revolves around the two lovebirds named Hayat Uzun, a role played by Hande Erçel, and Murat Sarsılmaz, a role played by Burak Deniz. The show focuses the workplace romance of Hayat and Murat at a multinational fashion company named Sarte.

In Pyaar Lafzon Mein Kahan episode 109, Azmi asks her maid Orea to throw Hashmad’s clothes and belongings in a garbage as she’s is angry and upset to learn about Hashmad’s marriage to some other girl. While Hayat and Murat are all set to start a new inning of their lives with a new company and workplace after Murat handed over Sarte to his step-brother, Doruk. Hayat, who is currently pregnant with their first child, is quite worried about her new baby brother after her brother Jameel and father’s big lie as Hayat is now supposed to take care of her baby brother. Hayat is yet to tell Murat that she’s pregnant with their child, while Murat is already aware of it, but Hayat wants to share this good news with her husband on the special occasion of Valentine’s Day.

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On the other hand, Jameel reaches Sarte where he meets Miss Tuval and tells her that he has nowhere to go as his mother has thrown him out of her home. Both have some good time together and enjoy Turkish kabab. Doruk calls Murat in a drunk state and asks him to come to Sarte.

Asli is upset as Valentine’s Day is coming and she has no one to celebrate with. But Ipek motivates her and tries to cheer her up by addressing Jameel and tells Asli that there is something magical between her and Jameel to which Asli strongly denies.

Murat arrives Sarte to meet Doruk, where Doruk criticizes himself by blaming Murat for everything. Murat calmly requests Doruk to go home with him and sweetly hugs him by telling him they are brothers. All employees who were on strike come to Sarte on Murat’s request. Doruk’s mother Derya asks him to marry Diljeet to which he agrees on one condition that he will hand over Sarte to Murat.

When Hayat wakes up on Valentine’s Day she gets surprised to see the lovely floral decoration in their house, decorated by Murat. They start their day by having breakfast together. Asli reaches Sarte to meet Doruk where she meets Diljeet, who tells her that she and Doruk are getting engage soon which leads Asli to an emotional breakdown.

Hayat gets upset as Murat has a meeting out of town on Valentine’s Day and she wants to spend some much-needed quality time with him as she also wants to share the good news with him. Asli meets Doruk in Sarte, where she asks him with tears in her eyes if he was with Diljeet yesterday’s night. In response, Doruk admits he was with Diljeet after which Asli slaps him. Will their love story end on such a bad note on Valentine’s Day? How Hayat will tell Murat about her pregnancy? Stay tuned with us for all updates of Pyaar Lafzon Mein Kahan.


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