In a new study, it was revealed that the pressure which is present inside the particles can be higher than the pressure which is observed in the densest stars. Neutron stars usually have a high-density with a small radius and as a result of the gravitational collapse; the interior of the neutron star has the same pressure as that of atomic nuclei.

According to a new study done by the scientists at the Department of Energy’s Thomas Jefferson National, Accelerator Facility said when the first measurement was done of the mechanical properties which include the subatomic particles. They found that the center of the proton has the pressure which is about 10 times more than the pressure present in the center of the neutron star.

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As per a researcher, who had noted the distribution of the pressure present in the proton said, “We found an extremely high outward pressure at the center of the proton and a much deeper inward pressure near the periphery of the proton. We are providing a way to visualize the magnitude and distribution of the strong force inside the proton, opening a new window on nuclear and particle physics that can be explored in the future.”

In the previous study, scientists have thought that it is impossible to get the detail information about the subatomic particles. The researchers got the results by pairing the two theoretical frameworks which come with existing data and it has a model system which depends on electromagnetism and gravity.

The study which has done on the pressure of the proton is described in a team’s findings. This study is titled as “The Pressure distribution inside the proton.” This study got published in the scientific journal Nature and the study was led by Volker Burkert, who is the nuclear physicist at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility and it is co-authored by Latifa Elouadrhiri and Francois-Xavier Girod.

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