Protecting wildlife in your garden became easy, reports
Image Source: World Animal Foundation

If you are a garden person and have a small or a big garden in your backyard, there is a high chance that you can play host to a wide range of unexpected visitors from time to time. When you encounter various animals in your garden, this means that your garden has given the creatures a hospitable environment to live. If you see a hedgehog chilling in your bushes or a big toad hiding among the grass blades, there is nothing to be afraid of.

It was reported recently that a huge number of hedgehogs were found in the rural areas that had plummeted drastically which is why providing them shelter and care can help them live. But, that does not mean that you bring them indoors and start living with them. You can provide them with shelter and food outside, and if they are ill or need help, you can take them to the vet. Bringing the wild hedgehogs indoors can bring dangerous germs and diseases and affect your family’s health drastically. This explains why it is dangerous for bringing them home; it is a bad idea!

The pesticides are also posing a threat to the bees, with the honey-loving insects becoming more addicted to the harmful chemicals. If you find a hedgehog in your garden, try creating them a safe home with cardboards or any hard material where they can take shelter. The hedgehogs can find food for themselves, and you can also get them some tinned cat or dog food or pet biscuits to snack on.

If you find frogs in your garden, don’t be afraid because they don’t pose a threat to pets or you. Pets might be allergic to the toxic toads, but the normal ones are completely okay to come in contact with them. During winters, the frogs and toads tend to heap inside your house to prevent death, don’t fright them away.


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