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Prassthanam is one of the most valuable movies based on political action and behaviour which is directed by Deva Katta. The movies have some interesting cast but didn’t manage to get some good reviews. The movie Prassthanam is Produced under the house of Sanjay S Dutt Productions and many others. The name Prassthanam is based on the sequel movie released years back in 2010. The film is based on political and legal issues the same covers in the real-life after the name launch of the movie.

As the movie has captured the same name of a Telugu movie released in 2010, the important cast members such as Sanjay Dutt, Producer and Director got the legal notice for using the name of another movie without permission which causes a serious issue.

Sanjay Dutt’s Prassthanam didn’t get a good response and crashed its storyline with mixed reviews from the critics and people. Its already 7 days of the release and movie is now called as a FLOP as the movie wasn’t able to have a good box office collection and although have a negative rating. On the very first day, the movie collected 1 crore which was not expected by the film cast and producers.

Prassthanam Till Date Box Office Collection

Prassthanam 1st Day Box Office Collection: The movie didn’t get much response on the very first day but as per the released data it collected 1 crore on Friday which is obviously not a good start but still keeps the hope high.

Prassthanam 2nd Day Box Office Collection: The movie expectations were extremely high but still didn’t get an expected collection and response from the people. On Saturday the movie takes a good response and grab 1.15 crores which result in the total collection of Prassthanam as 2.15 crores

Prassthanam 3rd Day Box Office Collection: Prassthanam movie casting Sanjay Dutt made something better on Sunday as the weekend and take 1 crore in the hands of the movie. The total box office collection after 3 days was 3.15 crores which were below the mark.

Prassthanam 4th Day Box Office Collection: Sanjay Dutt’s Prassthanam made it worst with the collection and didn’t manage to get what it should be on Monday. On the 4th day (Monday) the movie just got the collection of 50 lakhs which was less.

Prassthanam 5th Day Box Office Collection: The first weekend of the movie gone right but after begining with Monday it slowly decreased the collection. On Tuesday the movie collected 40 Lakhs which resulted in the total box office collection of Prassthanam as 4.10 Crores approx

Prassthanam 6th Day Box Office Collection: The day-wise collection gives a bad impact on the box office and the movie can be revoked from the theatres this Friday. On 6th day i.e. Wednesday Prassthanam got 30 lakhs which impacts a bit more to the production team and obviously to the box office.

Prassthanam 7th Day Box Office Collection: The week is about to end and it is so dicey to still keep Prassthanam in theatres or not. The movie is expected to collect 25-30 lakhs today which results in the total box office collection of Prassthanam as 4.70 crores.

Prassthanam is about the political reaction and can be viewed as historic movie. Rest according to the mixed reviews it got the rating 3 out of 5 stars. Stay tuned with us for more updates on box office collection and many more.


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