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In a new study, the researchers are now warning that the pollution could make Europe’s trees starve for the vital nutrients by damaging the fungi which are essential for them. The fungi which lived on the roots of trees usually help in supplying them with minerals and water.

According to the researchers, the current pollution limit which is in place after there is a rise in pollution day by day may not be enough. They cannot protect the forest fungi from the ongoing pollution, and it will affect the trees. This study which was done by researchers and said that the loss of fungi might be the main factor was published in the journal Nature.

According to Dr. Martin Bidaryondo, who is from the department of life sciences at Imperial College, London and Royal Botanic Gardens said that if we take care about the condition of our forests, then we can’t just look only above to the ground. We also needed to look at the ground, and also we have to understand how the fungi help in nourishing the trees.

Fungi usually found on the roots of trees and help in providing the vital nutrients and water. They are known by truffles, and they are like mushrooms which are formed by some of the species and can love for decades beneath the surface and can grow to several square meters in size. These fungi are known as mycorrhizal fungi, and it absorbs receive the carbon from the tree, and in return, it gives essential nutrients like nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous.

As per the researchers they have studied about 40,000 roots and 13,000 soil samples at about 137 forest sites which are in 20 European countries which include the UK for the last ten years. These first large-scale results can be used to design the new studies which can be used to link between the pollution, tree growth, tree health, soil, and mycorrhizae.

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